2021 Tournament Series Schedule 

February 13th- 1st Creek Boat Ramp

March 20th- Safety Harbor

April 17th- GoosePond

May 29th- Ingalls Harbor

June 26th- Safety Harbor (Night Event)

August 28th- 1st Creek Boat Ramp (Night Event)

September 25th- McFarland Park

October 23rd- Safety Harbor

November 27th- 1st Creek Boat Ramp


Day event hours are 7am-4pm(Registration starts at 6am)

Night time events are 7pm-6am(Registration starts at 6pm)


  • All Federal, State, and local fishing/boating regulations apply.

  • No drugs or Alcohol permitted during tournament hours.

  • In case of severe weather/dangerous water conditions, Bama Blues Tournament series reserves the right to move ramp locations, postpone, or cancel any event for boater’s safety. 

  • No fishing 12 hours prior to any regular event on the designated body of water with the exception of acquiring bait.

  • All Boats must go through boat inspection prior to launch. All Livewells and baitwells must be inspected prior to launch.

  • All fish must be kept in an adequate livewell as determined by the directors. An adequate livewell is large enough to hold 3 fish safely for the duration of the tournament.

  • Maximum of 3 people per boat, 4th person can be added if under the age of 16

  • All fish must be caught on rod and reel only

  • Unlimited rods

  • Trailing is only allowed on the same body of water of the event.

  • $10 trail fee is required to be paid by each boat prior to all fishing events.

  • Entry fee: $120 to include Big Fish.

  • All fish must be weighed alive! Any dead fish brought to the scales will result in disqualification from the event. 

  • 3 fish limit- only 2 fish may exceed 34” in length. All Fish under 34” may be subject to being measured. If all three fish exceed 34” at weigh in, you will be disqualified. Blue, flathead, and channel catfish may be weighed.

  • In the event of a tie, big fish will be the tiebreaker.

  • You must remain at least 100ft from another vessel that is considered fishing. Fishing is defined as: A boat that has an anchor rope or fishing lines in the water.

  • Boats must be back at the ramp by weigh in or it will result in immediate disqualification. In the event of breakdowns contact a tournament director ASAP.

  • If a team is caught cheating, it will be means of immediate disqualification and banned from all future events. Cheating will be determined at the tournament director(s) discretion. (Example: Limb lining, trotlines, jug fishing, checking jugs, hand fishing, fish sharing, locking though to another body of water etc.)

  • All protest must be made before the awards are presented.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in a verbal warning. Disqualification from the event or disqualification from the entire season. 

  • Absolutely no refunds will be issued for any reason other than cancellation of an event.